Card Squeeze

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How to 'squeeze' hole cards

  • You can "squeeze" your hole cards after they are dealt.
  • Make sure you finish squeezing your hole cards before your turn is over, otherwise your cards may be folded (You may use your timebank).
  • Holecard squeezing is not available if the player has no outs to win.
  • You can click the 'open' button to open your cards directly without squeezing them first.
  • Card squeezing is available based on the pot size and game type of the hand:
    • Hold'em, Omaha, R&C, Chinese Holdem : pots larger than 100bb
    • Short Deck : pots larger than 100antes
    • Spin & Gold, Tournament : no restrictions

How to squeeze board cards

  • Squeeze the cards on the board in an All-In, showdown situation on the Turn and River.
  • Squeezing the cards on the board is available to both the favorite and the underdog.
  • open/squeeze options and preference settings are not available for community cards.
  • Squeezing community cards is available depending on the pot size and game type of the hand
    • Hold'em, Omaha, R&C, Chinese Hold'em: Pots larger than 100 BB
    • Short Deck: pots larger than 100 Antes
    • Spin & Gold, Tournaments: no restrictions

Setting preferences for Holecard squeezing

You can change the preferences for squeezing hole cards for your current table in the right panel.

You can also turn squeezing on/off globally in My Page > Settings > Squeeze.

Additional Information

Holecard and boardcard squeezing is available in every game except All-In or Fold

Details & Limitations

  • This game uses 1 deck of 52 cards and the deck is shuffled after each hand.
  • An amount in the pot stays in play when the Internet connection is disconnected.
  • GGPoker players accept the risk of a disconnected Internet connection due to problems between their device and the servers, lag or freeze or any other problem in the player's device or the way the device connects to the Internet.
  • Contact support in case of difficulties