Tournament Types

Guaranteed Tournaments

Guarenteed tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool (e.g., $2,000 guaranteed). The guaranteed amount is distributed as promised, even if the total buy-ins collected is less than the guaranteed amount. Please note that our regular tournaments the amount of buy-ins collected contributes to the prize pool. However, if there are more buy-ins than the guaranteed prize pool, the total prize pool will be adjusted as such. The guaranteed prize amount for each tournament, if any, can be found in the tournament lobby


At the beginning of a tournament, players are given an equal number of tournament chips. It is not possible to buy additional chips once the tournament has started. If a player loses all the chips he is eliminated from the tournament. If the tournament is not a rebuy tournament, it is a freezeout tournament.


N-Stack Tournaments

In an N-Stack tournament, each player receives a fixed number of chip stacks after registering (This number is also known as 'N'). Immediately after seeding in the tournament, the player can decide how many of these stacks they want to start with and how many they want to reserve for later use.

Each stack can be thought of as a "bullet"; players can begin the tournament with all available bullets in their starting stack. At least one stack must be used when a player starts the tournament.

Reserved stacks can be brought into play at any time until the end of late registration or any other specified time (The period during which reserved stacks can be used is viewable in the tournament lobby); if a player has not used their reserved stack by the end of this period, it is automatically added to the live stack.

Progressive Bounty

In our Progressive Knockout (PKO) Bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on their head. When a player is eliminated from the tournament, half of the corresponding bounty is added to the bounty of the player who eliminates them. The other half of the eliminated player's bounty is distributed as a direct cash reward to the player who eliminates them.


Rebuy Tournaments

At the beginning of a tournament, all players receive an equal amount of tournament chips. During the tournament, each player has the option to rebuy, which means they add additional chips equal to the starting stack to their stack. Players have the option to rebuy at any time during the rebuy period provided their current chip stack at that time is equal to or below the starting stack.

The time allotted for making a rebuy and the number of rebuys available vary by tournament Details regarding rebuy tournaments, when applicable, are viewable in the tournament lobby.


Satellite tournaments are qualifying events that give you the opportunity to win a seat in the main tournaments with a higher buy-in. We currently offer satellite tournaments for our main events and Bounty Hunter tournaments in turbo and normal speed formats. Check out our satellite tournament schedule below for further details

  • The Turbo satellite tournaments run 30 minutes before the start of the main event and the buy-in is ⅕ of the buy-in for the main event
  • the regular satellite tournaments run 90 minutes before the start of the main event and the buy-in is 1/10 of the buy-in for the main event.

Target Stack Satellite

All satellite tournaments have the "Target Stack" feature.
If a player reaches a predetermined number of chips, also known as the "Target Stack," during the tournament, he receives a seat or ticket to the Main Event and his tournament is over.

  • "Target Stack" chips will be removed from the tournament. Chips exceeding the Target Stack will be divided equally among all players who participated in your final hand.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo tournaments are fast-paced variations of regular tournaments with shorter blind levels (Maybe 1/3 or 1/2 of a regular tournament) and with less time to make your action. We offer several turbo tournaments from satellites to daily guarantees.

Private Tournaments

Private tournaments are held for a particular group of players with a promotional purpose.


  • Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this series
  • The conditions for the promotion are subject to the Terms and Conditions for use of our platform, which can be found here
  • Standard GGPoker rules apply

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