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Bad Beat Jackpot Trigger

Bad beat Jackpot Hold'em AAATT PLO - Loss with 2222 or better Bad Beat Jackpot PLO5 8888 Shortdeck - Loss with 6666 or better

Hitting the Jackpot

To hit the Bad Beat Jackpot, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. The hand must come to showdown.
  2. Both the winner's and loser's hand must use both hole cards (two hole cards for PLO/PLO-5) making the best possible combination of 5 cards.
  3. To win/lose with four of a kind, players must have pocket pair
Additional rules:
- In the case of RIMT (Running it multiple times / Running the board more than once), only the first run counts for the jackpot.
- If you have met the conditions for the jackpot, you do get the rewards of the bad beat jackpot even if you have left the table, or are disconnected.

Jackpot Payout

All blinds share the same payout percentage. However, the jackpot is awarded differently for each blind level.
The jackpot payout percentage is as shown in the table below.

Receiver Price
Bad Beat Winner (Loser of the pot) - 2nd best hand 10%
Bad Beat Opponent (Winner of the Pot) 3%
The rest of the players (Other losers in the pot) 0.8%


  • Jackpot prizes are credited directly to your wallet.
  • If you have received hole cards you are eligible for "The rest of the players" prizes even if you leave the table or are disconnected (even if this automatically folds your hand).
  • In Rush & Cash, the jackpot will not apply at tables where 5 or fewer players are assigned.
  • Make sure you know the Poker Rules of the Game before you play


Jackpot Fund

Hold'em, PLO, PLO-5, Short Deck, and Rush & Cash share in the same Jackpot fund, which is only used to pay out the Bad Beat Jackpot.
The jackpot fund continues to grow by setting aside small amounts from the Hold'em, PLO, PLO-5, Short Deck, and Rush & Cash tables.
In other words, there is always a prize for hitting the bad beat jackpot!
You can see the Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool live in the PC client lobby and tables, and in the mobile client.

Collection of the Jackpot Fund

Hold'em, PLO, PLO-5, Rush & Cash Hold'em and Rush & Cash PLO
- If the pot is greater than or equal to 30 big blinds, an amount equal to 1 big blind will be deducted from the jackpot fund before the winner is paid out.
Short Deck
- In Short Deck, 1 ante will be deducted for the jackpot when the pot exceeds 100 antes.


Promotional Terms

  • Players must be 24 years of age or older to participate in this jackpot.
  • Prizes are awarded immediately at the end of the hand.
  • Prizes are awarded regardless of a disconnect as long as a player meets the jackpot requirements.
  •  If there are three or more jackpot-qualifying hands, the bad beat jackpot is paid to the player who comes in second in the hand. The other losing player receives "rest of the players" rewards
  • Players who did not receive hole cards are not eligible for "Rest of Players" rewards
  • GGNetwork reserves the right to change or suspend the jackpot at any time.
  • Bad Beat Jackpot does not apply to featured tables.
  • If any players are suspected of fraudulent activity, GGNetwork has the right to investigate and remove players if confirmed.
  • The feature conditions are subject to the General Conditions
  • Standard GGPoker rules apply.

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