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It’s easy to take part! Join an AoF Hold’em, Omaha, or Sit&Go game and collect your points!

Get as many points as you can to stake your claim to a share of $25,000 daily!

Prize Overview


Stakes Daily Prize Up To
$10/$20 $8,250.00 25
$5/$10 $5,350.00 40
$2/$4 $3,210.00 60
$1/$2 $1,855.00 80
$0.50/$1 $1,068.00 80
$0.25/$0.50 $530.00 90
$0.10/$0.25 $288.00 90
$0.05/$0.10 $260.30 200

*AoF Hold’em Leaderboard prizes will be paid in C$


Stakes Daily Prize Up To
$5/$10 $1,490.00 10
$2/$4 $625.00 13
$1/$2 $446.00 20
$0.50/$1 $251.00 25
$0.20/$0.40 $138.00 30
$0.10/$0.20 $101.80 50

*AoF Omaha Leaderboard prizes will be paid in C$

Sit&Go (Hold’em and Omaha)

Stakes Daily Prize Up To
$10 $720.00 20
$3 $317.50 50
$0.50 $102.00 70

*Aof Sit&Go prizes will be paid out in AoF Sit&Go tickets.

How do I Get Points?

Select the AoF game.

Go All-In

Gain Leaderboard Points

AoF Game image

For each hand you play that reaches show down, you will receive 1 point towards the leaderboards!

*Standard AoF games require 3 or more active players at the table to accrue points.

Want to fast-track more points?

Happy Hour image

During Happy Hour, you’ll snag x1.5 as many points!

*Happy hour runs every day 08:00:00 ~ 09:59:59

Here’s the kicker – the AoF Jackpot offers MASSIVE prizes–BUT there’s even more to love about AoF!

Play bingo during AoF for the chance to win up to $16,000 extra!

Don’t miss out on the best AoF experience yet!

*all prizes awarded are paid in C$


Hold'em Leaderboard

Omaha Leaderboard

AoF Sit&Go Leaderboard

Promotions Terms & Conditions

  • Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  • This promotion will run from  01-07-2022 10:00:00 ~ 01-08-2022 09:59:59.
  • VIP/Featured tables are not included.
  • Standard AoF Games require 3 or more non-sitting out players at the table to qualify.
  • If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker has the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed.
  • The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found here.
  • GGPoker reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
  • GGPoker standard rules apply.

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